How to STOP toddler meltdowns

The family and I went to Sprouts earlier to get the food we need to survive (aka snacks to eat in the car) and while I admit grocery shopping with kids isn’t always a walk in the park (and let’s be real here, with kids, even a walk in the park isn’t always a walk in the park – so can all us moms agree to lose that analogy?) today was extraordinary.

And not in a good way. In a horrible, terrible, rotten, somebody-please-just-take-this-cart-and-let-me-run-crying-to-my-car kind of way.

And in retrospect, that’s probably just what I should’ve done. Somewhere between my 3-year-old slapping me in the face next to the yogurt and calling me “stupid” beside the Brussels sprouts, I should’ve abandoned my cart and left the store. But we needed groceries and my 6-year-old was dressed up as Batman, navigating the store with his very own cart and list (with a little help from his Dad) and having a grand old time.

And so we persevered.

Yes, I realize that it is shocking that my child was behaving this way. I too was shocked. And embarrassed. And completely unable to discipline him in an effective way in the midst of all the well-dressed, post-church, Sunday morning shoppers. But I tried all the things. I tried gentle discipline. I tried ignoring. I tried stern looks and scolding and putting him the baby part of the cart and telling a well-meaning stranger that “No, he does not need a banana. He is in trouble right now.”

Grocery Shopping with Kids:

This trick will change the way you grocery shop with your kids

We’ve been struggling with some not-so-nice behaviors (you moms of threenagers know what I’m talking about) and working hard to consistently nip them in the bud, but on this particular morning none of that seemed to matter. On this particular morning, my sweet, rambunctious youngest child decided that he no longer wanted to act like a human person, but rather a gremlin who was fed ice cream at 12:05am.

After what felt like hours, we’d collected all the items on our list and made our way to the check out line. It was 11:20am and I had that look on my face that most moms get around 4:45 in the afternoon. You know, the one that says, “If you don’t get me away from _______. My brain is going to liquify into a soggy, gray puddle and I don’t know if I’ll ever fully recover.”

So there will be no Meatless Monday post this week. Because sometimes life is everything you ever dreamed it could be. Sometimes you feel grateful and blessed and complete. And sometimes you don’t feel all those things, but you remember that life is still beautiful and you smile at this crazy journey, with its never-ending ups and downs.

And sometimes you feel like a mom who has just had a really shitty trip to the grocery store and you just want to tell your friends and cry about it.