These are a Few of my Favorite Things

I really love writing. And I love it even more, when people read my writing and then tell me how great it is.


Because I am a closet narcissist.


Some might argue that the “closet” part of that statement could be up for debate, but because this is my blog, we’re going to leave it in there.


So back to writing. I love it. And I love OohBother. And I love you, for reading it. And because as more people begin reading it, the love multiplies and grows and grows, I’ve been trying to come up with a few ways to help my little blogglet, mature and reach her full potential.


To that end, I’ve heard that a really great way to increase your blog traffic is to write DIY-type craft posts or garner affiliations with children’s clothing and toy brands that you really love. This is like, a super neat suggestion, except that I couldn’t craft my way out of a paper bag and I fulfill all my family’s various textile needs at Target.


But I do like the idea of writing down my thoughts regarding all the things that I like (see above statement regarding narcissism) so that you guys can read them and with that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of things that I think are pretty keen, that I think you should read. If for no other reason than so you and I can have some things to chat about if we ever happen to bump into one another on the street.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

It’s possible that you and I have already spoken about this breakout phenomenon at great length, however during my most recent Netflix binge, I made a silent promise that I would become this program’s unofficial mouthpiece. So, here’s my big pitch: Do you like comedy? Do you like songs? Do you like comedy interspersed with songs? Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

And if that little Don Draper-y ditty didn’t sell you, maybe this compilation of all of Season One’s best musical numbers will!



Complementary Goodies with Fancy-Sounding Logos on Them

I think we can all agree that free stuff is the jam. And although I’d like to claim minimalist status, something in my DNA does not allow me to say “No, thanks.” to a free tote bag or water bottle – ESPECIALLY if they say something brainy and cultured like “Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Imaging” or “NPR Contributing Partner” on them. Does this make me a phony? Maybe. Will I discontinue this practice and begin only collecting free items from places I actually frequent, thus accumulating a stockpile of Dollar General and Kroger paraphernalia? No. No, I will not.


My New Haircolor

Actually, I just need you to tell me it looks good, because I’m still really on the fence.


Telling People I’m from Boston

I’m not really. I’m from Lexington, which is a little suburb about 25 minutes outside the city. Shot heard ‘round the world, anyone? Okay, so I’m not totally from Boston proper, but I love taking advantage of any opportunity to share that I grew up in the Northeast. Why? Because Boston is kind of bad ass and I want credit for being a part of that bad-assiness. I may not pahk my cah ovah theah by the cellah, but I suffered through 22 dark, cold, miserable winters before I moved to the south and Boston, you’re my home.


Peeking in Peoples Windows

No, not like some kind of creepy voyeur. Would it really serve me well to put that sort of thing on the internet? No! No, what I love doing is looking into people’s open windows in the evenings (while I’m casually driving by on my way somewhere else!) and watching all the goings-on of their family. Are they having dinner together? Snuggled up watching a movie on the couch? Do they have family in town? This is sounding weirder and weirder as I type…


So that was a list of things that I like. If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you. I also fully expect you to compliment my hair if we happened to bump into each other on the street. I promise to reciprocate by not following you home to peek in your blinds.


  1. I like eating Pei Wei and watching a movie on a Friday night. Also, walking through our neighborhood with my awesome family.

  2. You crack me up! And I, too, enjoy looking in on people in the evenings. Walking my dogs is a great way to do so. I find it a huge plus when the front door is open!

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