The Real Reason I Dyed My Hair Purple

Last night I had a dream that I was at the playground with my kids and I bumped into two women with lavender-colored hair. We smiled and waved at each other, each nodding in acknowledgment of the pastel shade that adorned us like a crown.

The dream read like a Who’s Who of Who-ville, with the three of us running the show. Our features were slightly Seuss-ified but our hair was on-pooooint and I think that’s what won us our bonus street-cred.

Because, back in my real life, I think I secretly believed that when I dyed my hair this crazy color, it would give me all the super powers. That I would magically transform into: Lavender Girl, faster than the other carpool drivers, more powerful than the Barre-Fit moms, mastering all seasonal trends in a single bound!

And I think I felt this same way, when I got my tattoos and my nose ring, and my master’s degree (I threw an Oxford comma in there for you grammer-philes. And lest you think I can hang with you big dogs, I literally just learned what an Oxford comma was, like six weeks ago). I’ve come to notice that I often choose to pursue accomplishments that are clearly visible. Because I want credit. I want you to know that I did something. That I am worth something. That I am something.

I think we all do this to some degree. We want to be impressive human specimens, so we wear cute clothes and make sure our kids behave, and try to sound intelligent when we talk. But as I sit here sipping my coffee with my bluish-purple hair, (with some blonde roots already peeking through), I’m realizing that I don’t like the people I like or care about the people I care about because they look a certain way or say a certain thing, or have a certain job. I like them because I just do. Because we fit. Because they make me feel whole and good, and valued. What’s that quote by Carl W. Buehner, that gets used to ad nauseam? They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.

So what is my point here? Well, I think it’s just this:

You are who you are

That everyone knows

No matter the shade from your hair to your toes

Your friends think your grand

Your heart’s just the right size

No fancy clothes needed, we’re just glad you’re alive!

Your job doesn’t matter

No one cares ’bout your weight

You are who you are, so let’s celebrate!



  1. Love this so much and your hair is ???!!!!

  2. This really made me smile and it’s so relatable. Thank you for sharing ?

  3. Haha…love it…and YOU! You are such a funny & talented writer, too!

  4. I always dye my hair when I’m feeling bad about myself or have a life change… not okay, but it’s compulsory. With that said, I really would like to put pink in my hair. I’ve had quite a bit of life change lately so, go figure haha!

    • That’s awesome! You should go for it! I’d love to see the final product!

    • Karin – I feel like dying your hair in response to self doubt or life changes is absolutely okay! Why not?? We treat ourselves to Starbucks, new outfits, flowers. If it gives you a fresh boost of energy or renewed self-appreciation, it’s worth it! Our bodies are ours for the using – expressive playgrounds that we also live in. Enjoy it! And I’m sure you are just smashing in pink 😉

  5. Girl, you are ah-mazing! Love this (and you) so much!

  6. So true! Your poem is so cute!

  7. Such a great post! I’m very similar in this regard!

  8. i like it! i think it’s fun to express ourselves through clothing, hair, make up etc….good for you!

  9. I love your new purple hair and your honest post about the colour change. I really enjoyed your Instagram post awhile back about being nervous to show your Mom.

  10. I just love everything about you friend❤️

  11. I heart you lavender girl and thank you girl adding the Oxford comma because it’s kiiiind of a pet peeve of mine! Ha. #butseriously

  12. I love the purple hair! I think it really suits you 🙂

  13. Yes! I have found myself doing similar things and then realizing exactly the same as you do.
    That poam. So awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Also, I love the hair color

  14. I love this! And thank you, I do love an Oxford comma 🙂 I teach it to my 5th graders haha! You sound like a super awesome human being-purple hair and all!

  15. Kelly your hair is beautiful and I do believe your more “super” with it ?

  16. Love this!! ❤️

  17. You are such an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G person Kelly, like seriously girl, you are the real thang! (Not a proper grammar, but no better way to say it. Haha)
    Love your purple hair and your poem at the end specially this “you are who you are, so let’s celebrate”

  18. Love this article, Kelly! The people looks awesome (I would never be so brave!) – and these photos of you are awesome, and the text layout in the first one is ??

  19. You are so cute! I truly love this and I can definitely relate. I would be lying if I said that some of the stuff I did was for others to notice. However, my true circle of friends love me no matter what and I take solace in that. Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

    • You are awesome. Having a true circle of friends that accept you just they way you are is SO important. That feeling of safety and “I don’t have to impress these people” cannot be beat 🙂

  20. What a great message! And the purple hair looks GREAT on you!

  21. Aww, I love this! I love the hair, but I also love what you said about people not liking you because of how you look or what you do, it’s just because, it’s because of who you are.

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