The Real Reason Brian Bandas is the Man

I’m a big fan of husbands.

I say that not only as the proud owner of one, but as someone who has held them in high regard for quite some time. You see, I realized at a pretty young age that my dad was (and continues to be) a pretty terrific husband to my mom.  For as long as I can remember, Dad not only provided for our family, but braved the elements of fierce New England mornings to warm up the family car, emptied all the trash cans with fierce regularity and held my mom’s hand during church. He was the man.

Still is.

But the point of this blog is not to brag about how great my dad is – although, that wouldn’t be a terrible topic. The thing is, my dad being a great husband didn’t just make for a sweet life for all of us at the Barons house, but it set me up to be able to nab a pretty great husband of my own. Don’t they always say women marry someone who reminds them of their father?

If would be great if you played this video while you read the remainder of this post…

You guys all know my husband – he’s the “Him” of our little operation here. But he’s also quite a bit more than that. He’s a a badass guitarist, a whiz with ProTools and one of the best colorers I’ve ever seen. Yes, I do mean colorers – we do a lot of coloring in our house. He is consistently in a good mood despite the fact that he’s currently working three jobs, not counting the multitude of chores I dole out once he gets home and he might be the only person I know who reads books both for pleasure and to gain knowledge. He pushes me to have fun and break away from my very Type-A tendencies and helps tackle all household decisions both major and minor – often times very minor. Sorry about that, Honey.

So no, this blog isn’t to brag about how great my dad is – it’s to brag about how great my husband is.  It’s almost impossible not to take him for granted – so I wanted to write it down, in black and white, so I could tell everybody he’s the man, he’s the man, he’s the maaaan.


Brag on someone awesome in your life in the comments below. A little gratitude goes a LONG way!


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