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Boy Mom Hacks

How You Can Help the Crisis in Syria

On September 6, 2015, nearly four years after the conflict began, I wrote a post about how to help the tens of thousands of displaced Syrian refugees. You can find the content of that post beneath this essay. Friends, that was almost two years ago. Yet the battle wages on. Literally. I don’t have to…

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Boy Mom Life, Her

A Letter to my Christian Friends about No Ban No Wall

I often don’t know what I’m going to write about, until I sit down at my computer and start striking the keys. The words begin to flow about one thing or another and soon, a story emerges. A sweet, little anecdote about the importance of living in the moment, or…

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3 Ways I’m Taking Back Christmas

It’s that magical time of year when our mailbox begins to fill up with sights and signs of the upcoming holidays! But, oh no – I’m not talking about Christmas cards and fancy invitations to yuletide cocktail parties, that feature attractive words like “adults only” and “Mistletoe Moscow Mule” – I’m talking about the real…

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Boy Mom Hacks, Her


“I’m in a glass cage of emotion!” Are you smiling at least a little? You can’t not smile after a solid Anchorman reference. Now that I’ve disarmed you slightly, let me say this with as much empathy and compassion as I can muster, SNAP OUT OF IT! I’m angry too. I…

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