Local Mom has Near Perfect Day

According to reports, local mom Kelly Bandas, has allegedly not made a single mistake in the last 14 hours.

“I don’t know how I’m doing it. It’s really been a team effort.” the 30-year-old, mom-of-two shared earlier.

If Bandas can keep this up this mistake-free streak for an additional 10 hours, she will join an elite group of individuals who’ve successfully “Reaganed”.

“Reaganing”, as it’s known in intellectual circles, is when an individual does not make a single misstep for one full calendar day. Experts claim that, until now, only three other people have successfully accomplished this feat: The Gipper himself, Lee Lacocca and Saddam Hussein.

In order for a mom to successfully “Reagan”, her children must be on their very best behavior, her spouse must put her needs above his own and the universe must align in such a way that no outside forces may work against her. So far today, these three pillars have held strong.

“Today my boys have been perfect angels. They frolicked together in the sunshine; scooped sand together in the sandbox and munched snacks together at a picnic table. They wore themselves out and have promised their mommy a nice long nap time.” said Bandas.

It’s only early afternoon, so it’s probably too early to call, but there is a very strong possibility that by 10pm, Bandas will become the fourth person in history to live the perfect day.


Editors Note:

After only a 45 minute nap, Bandas’ youngest son was overheard screaming in his crib.

Better luck next time.


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