How to pursue an overseas adoption

Today, we found out we had an adoption match. We finally found him! Although our overseas adoption turned out to be over a very different sea. But more on that later…

Our sitter had come over for the day, so that I could have a few hours to myself and I’d already accomplished so much! Canceled my gym membership (working out in our garage is so much free-er!), attempted to mail my mom a package (the USPS was almost able to help me with this!), and stopped to put air in my tires (they were already all at the exact right PSI, I just had a broken sensor!)

But just as I sat down at my favorite local coffee shop and peeled open my laptop – the phone rang.

“This is going to sound completely out of the blue…” the conversation with one of our social workers began. I froze, anticipating the phrase that came next to be something along the lines of, “Have you considered that you and your husband might not be cut out to parent any additional children?”

But she began to tell me about a little boy.

He lives in the Philippines and he will be two in September. For those of you who’ve been following our adoption story, you know that we were not planning on adopting from the Philippines. Not even close. In fact, we weren’t even planning on adopting from that continent. But things with our adoption had slowed to a snail’s pace (and we hadn’t yet been matched with a child) and just yesterday we were hit with another bizarre hurdle to overcome. I was frustrated and tired.

Honestly, I was pissed.

How to match during an international or overseas adoption. Inspiration for adoptive parents.

But then the phone rang. An email was sent. And there he was. A little boy with huge eyes, pudgy little fingers and a crooked smile. Waiting for us. I instantly imagined him as the third Bandas Boy in our family and cried in public, all alone at my computer.

And again several weeks later, when we got our first video of the little guy. You see, it’s been three months since we first heard the news and for those three months, we’ve been praying that the right doors would open, and the powers that be in the Philippines would choose our family to be his family.

Last week they did.

On Thursday morning I learned about my son, who lives halfway around the world, via an excited voicemail from our social worker. We’d been pre-approved for placement!

So now all that’s left to do is a million things. But who cares? Because we found him! And we can do all the things. Sure they will be hard and frustrating and annoying and most of them will probably have to be done over at least twice because #government, but who cares?

Because we found him.