“I’m in a glass cage of emotion!”

Are you smiling at least a little? You can’t not smile after a solid Anchorman reference. Now that I’ve disarmed you slightly, let me say this with as much empathy and compassion as I can muster, SNAP OUT OF IT!

I’m angry too. I woke up this morning to a world I was not prepared to face. I am stunned, surprised and disappointed. You may not have felt that way. And that’s okay. That is how I felt. I respect how you feel.

That’s how it works. Respect begets more respect.

However, this morning, I woke up to a social media feed full of hopelessness, shame and division, and I am not okay with that. I understand that as a white American, I cannot feel the full weight of what this President-elect means, but as a woman, as a special educator, as a mother of young boys, I assure you – I still feel plenty.

I know lots of us are disheartened, but here is my plea to you – let’s not use this occasion to divide ourselves further. There were lots of wrongs committed during this last election cycle; let’s not wound each other with words we cannot take back. We are already so broken.

What if, and this is just my middle class, mama-brain thinking here, but what if, we used all this frustration we feel today to do something. To take small, local action, that in turn could cause real change in our immediate communities:

  • We have a HUGE problem with racial injustices. Sign up with your local branch of SURJ
  • Refugees need a safe place to call home. Find out how you can get involved with the IRC.
  • Mentor a young person to choose empathy and compassion over fear. Be a Big Brother or a Big Sister.

Find whatever lights a fire in you, and as all the Michael Jordan posters in my elementary gymnasium used to say, Just Do It.

Am I simplifying a much larger problem? Probably. Will it hurt you to try? Not one bit.


**Full disclosure, I voted for Gary Johnson. Why did I throw away my vote, you ask? Yes, I’m looking at you Rachel Maddow. Because in a heavily Red state, I have the luxury of casting my ballot in the hopes of getting a third party candidate to 5% – so that they can receive some federal funding and possibly keep our country out of this kind of heavily polarized situation in the future.