sweet popcorn recipe

I’m what you might call, a DIY novice. And you might call me that, if you were being really nice. Because, if you were being a regular, plain old person, you might say that I suck at making things. Sure, I can knit (exclusively scarves and beanies) and… I seriously cannot think of a second option. Not even for the purposes of editorial balance.

So we’ve established that I have not mastered the art of craft. Please refer to Exhibit A, my homemade spider costume for last year’s Ugly Bug Ball

bug costume

Lucky for you, you’re not here to learn how to make cardboard movie reels and construction paper tickets to your family’s Friday night movie night. You’re here to make popcorn. And let’s get reel (see what I did there?) – that’s the best part of the movie anyway. Everybody knows that.

So let’s begin.

You will need:



1/2 c. Bobs Red Mill White Popcorn

2 Tbs. Extra virgin olive oil

2 Tbs. Maple Syrup

2 tsp. flax seed meal

2 tsp. salt (we use Himalayan pink)

2 Tbs. butter, melted



Melt butter in microwave (60 sec. will usually cover it), set aside.

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat.

popcorn kernels

Pour popcorn into saucepan and cover. Shake to coat kernels in oil. You first kernels should pop within 2-3 minutes. If they don’t, increase your heat, just a touch. Make sure to periodically shake saucepan, as the kernels begin to pop. Also, use pot holders. I didn’t and three of my fingers will never be the same.

popcorn popping

While your corn is a-poppin’, combine flax seed meal, maple syrup and butter and set aside.

Once you’re satisfied that most of your kernels have popped (this usually takes 7-8 minutes), remove from heat and add butter mixture. Toss to coat.


Add salt to taste.

Healthy Sweet 'n' Salty

Now all that’s left  to do is to divide out portions: One for each of your kids, one for your spouse, one for you… and then two more for you – because you deserve it mama!

movie night

During our last family movie night, we ate our popcorn in front of ScoobyDoo Meets Batman, because my children are currently obsessed with cartoons from the ’70’s.

scooby do meets batman

Can’t say I’m too disappointed. What’s your family movie night go-to?