I’ve never been the kinda gal who likes to shop ’till she drops. In fact, I’ve never really been the girl who likes to shop… at all. Well, maybe back in the day when my tween-y girlfriends and I would escape to the mall and spend our babysitting money at the Icing, but back then, who didn’t have an endless threshold for browsing the key-chain wall for the perfect backpack accessory?

Fast forward 20-years and you’re lucky if you can get me to walk through Nordstrom without breaking into a cold sweat.

Because of my intense distain for walking behind six, cropped top-wearing high school girls, meandering to Victoria’s Secret at 2 mph, when online shopping became a “thing” in my adult life, it was a really good deal for me. Now I could window shop without getting off my couch and pile stuff into my “cart” without ever having to deal with a mall or, lets be real, other human beings.

Because other people are just the worst.

So, if you’re like me and would prefer all your goods and services be delivered directly to your door, without requiring that you make pleasantries (or put on pants), here is a comprehensive list of my absolutely favorite low-maintainance goodies that you should become obsessed with immediately.

1. Teachers-Pay-Teachers

If you’re not a teacher/homeschooling momma/SLP/OT/PT, you might be able to jump on down to numero dos on this list, but if you are any of the aforementioned professions (or your a mom looking for some awesome, crafty activities to get into with your kiddos at home) you should def-in-itely check out TPT. Teachers-Pay-Teachers is an open marketplace where professionals (and non-professionals) can sell (or give away for freeeeeeeee!) teaching materials, lesson plans and other resources. It’s like Pintrest, except on TPT, you can actually have the stuff you like! With a brand new school year on the horizon, it’s absolutely worth checking out!

2. Blue Apron

Are we all in agreement that food is the best? Okay, good. Just making sure we’re all on the same page here. Blue Apron is a home delivery meal services that ships fresh, pre-measured ingredients straight to your doors step. I love it because (your first two meals are free!) and because it let’s me try out all kinds of fabulous recipes I never would’ve been able to concoct on my own. Butternut squash white pizza with caramelized onions and macadamia nuts? Yes, please! Summer Ciambotta stew with heirloom eggplant, romano beans and farro? Are there seconds? I love putting together a delicious and healthy meal for my family and Blue Apron helps me do it, without spending an hour on Pinterest looking for the perfect recipes. Okay, just so the Pinterest Police don’t come a’knockin’ at my door, I need to take a minute to say I absolutely adore Pinterest-ing, however it can become an all-out stress-fest when it’s 4:56 and I need to figure out what’s for dinner!

3. The Fountain of Juice

I love me some richly flavored, opulently colored, healthy-as-balls, cold-pressed juice. My knees get weak at the sight of greens, blended with a hint of ginger and a whisper of turmeric. My palms sweat at the thought of cayenne and swiss chard waltzing together on my tongue. Simply put, juice is my crack – and I think I just found my new dealer. The Fountain of Juice is a locally-owned and sourced Nashville gem, that will de-liv-er to your home or office every week. BOOM. You’re welcome. All of their juices (and “mylks”) are unpasteurized, vegan, organic and eco-friendly – so friendly in fact, that they’re even about to launch an incentivized, glass bottle return program. It’s basically the Nashville-iest business there ever could be and I am drinking that sh*t UP!

My personal favorite is the Juicy Green, which is chalked full of kale, spinach, chard, watermelon and mint – oooooh the mint. I’m also really digging their Watermelon Lemonade. Aaaaand the Jolly Rancher, which is seriously just the most deliciously, refreshing blend of honeydew, cilantro and lime. If you aren’t actively salivating by now, you might need to go get your glands checked. And while entering your symptoms on WebMD, throw up another tab, click on over to FOJ and getcho’sef some juice.

4. Fabletics

Yes, this is Kate Hudson’s new workout line. And yes, I was skeptical too. BUT, when she offered me a full outfit for only $25 how could I say ‘no’? Plus, I didn’t feel like I should haul my tail into a store to try anything on because the site has legit user feedback about sizing/fit and free return shipping! The clothes I ordered look and feel great and showed up on my doorstep after only a few days. I’m officially a fan for life. Now I guess I should go, like, workout or something…


5. Warby Parker

This site is the bomb diggity, for realsies. Not only is WP a “buy-one-give-one” organization (a la TOMS Shoes), their price point is like, the exact amount of dollars I feel like I should have to pay for a trendy pair of specs. Oh, and this is where it gets really good, they will mail you FIVE, yes you read that right, FIVE pairs of glasses to try on and keep for five days, to be sure you truly dig your sexy, new frames.


(As a bonus #6, I’d like to give a shout out to my in-law’s band Pilgrim. They fit the bill because they will come to YOU! So if you like going to concerts, but hate like, buying tickets and resting your feet in other people’s beer residue – they are the band for you!)


**Full disclosure, FOJ gave me a few free samples for this blog, but this juice is legit. Would I steer you wrong?