Father’s Day Gift Guide with JORD

This post is sponsored by JORD, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

I love to give gifts. It’s one of my favorite things about having kids – buying them stuff. I’m not saying that I do it all the time, but I am saying that it gives me a certain high that I can’t quite explain. The same thing happens when I give them sugar. It just makes them so happy you guys!

But back to gift-giving. We’ve established that I love it and with Father’s Day just a month away, I’ve already started plotting planning some ideas for my husband. However, despite my best efforts, I’ve really been having a tough time coming up with any gifts that had the “IT” factor I was looking for. I even went so far as to take an Instagram poll to get ideas (more on that later) because I was coming up short!

But thankfully, after much soul searching, some input from some awesome fellow mamas and a whole lot of Googling – I’ve come up with a can’t miss Father’s Day gift guide that I know will make my husband feel like the Best Dad Ever.

A Gentleman’s Timepiece

My husband loves fashion. And I know that he won’t mind me telling you that. Because he enjoys being dapper. He might mind me telling you that his Pinterest account has about 10,000 pins and about 5,000 more followers than mine, but we’ll just keep that between us 😉

Because my husband enjoys the look of a good pair of wingtips and even, dare I say it, a man bag – I knew that he would absolutely adore this watch from JORD (pronounced YODE). It suits his style perfectly and I wasn’t exactly brokenhearted to see his ironic Casio receive a demotion.

Remember before how I said I love giving gifts? Well, I never actually said I was good at the execution of gift giving – I get way too excited. Like chihuahua with a new chew toy excited, hence me gifting this watch the day after it arrived in the mail.

One month before Father’s Day. My bad. But my gift-giving gaff is actually your gain, because I got a jump start on this whole Father’s Day Gift Guide there is now lots of time for you to enter for a chance to win a JORD for your main squeeze! And even if you don’t emerge victorious, there’s a $25 JODE credit in it for everyone! Because it’s 2017 and everyone gets a trophy!

A Handsome Key Ring

I have to throw a major shout out to a couple of women who made this kid-friendly DIY a possibility. Christie, Menna and Nicole, thank you for saving me from hours scouring Pinterest only to give up in a puddle of tears, after realizing that there was no conceivable way that I would be able to tan leather to craft a handmade tool belt by June.

Enter ShrinkyDinks. If you follow along with me with any regularity, you may be sick of hearing me talk about these things. Tough. They are amazing marvels of science and I will never, NEVER stop singing their praises. So we made Dad a keychain. And we think it looks pretty darn dope.

I think the key here (like that???) is that even if, like me, you enjoy control and order – letting your little ones have a chance to create something special for their dad, without your hands doing that work for them, is super important. As I type, the boys’ creations are actively shrinking in the oven, but I promise, they are even cooler than this incredibly cool garden gnome. If that’s even possible.

An Enchanted Evening

My husband and I have been married for nearly seven years and during that time, he’s taken the reigns in the planning of most of our date nights. I know, I know – I’m a lucky girl. But this Father’s Day, I’m stepping up and planning a glamorous afternoon out with my main squeeze. Enter the ultra-swanky, majorly exclusive, minor league baseball game.

Sure, it might be slightly less bright and shiny than dinner and dancing at The Omni Hotel, but for us, there’s really nothing better than hanging out together, eating ballpark nachos and drinking lukewarm Miller Lite, with rogue peanut shells floating at the top. Oh and of course, ordering the kind of soft serve that can only be consumed from a tiny, upside-down baseball helmet.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the dad in your life, whether it be with an afternoon at the ballpark, a DIY keepsake or a handsome wristwatch, I hope that your Father’s Day is filled with joy, celebration and appreciation for a guy who makes one heck of a father.

I know ours will be.

Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win the JORD watch featured in this post! The contest will be open until June 18, 2017.

Luxury Wooden Watch


  1. love these ideas!!! I’m a gift giver, too! ❤❤

  2. Love your shots of the JORD watch! I always have trouble deciding what to gift my husband for father’s day and this is so special! Although I do love sharing a hotdog and drink at a game! great ideas! XO

  3. This is great! I love the shrinky dinks

  4. I love these watches – they’re modern and rustic at the same time, which is just my taste!

  5. Great ideas! Our Father’s Day is in September, so I can get a head start on some things to buy!

  6. oh i love that watch! great idea

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