The BEST ways to give back to your community

Every year, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, my kids and I choose four ways to give back to our community – one for each week in December. We’ve done everything from making cards for children at our local children’s hospital to raking our neighbors yard and it’s become a special tradition that has helped our boys learn the importance of giving back and help remind them that Christmas isn’t all about getting every last item on their list.

Because Lord help me if they think they’re getting all those toys. I honestly have never even heard of some of these things before!? Is it possible that my kids getting toy advertising pamphlets through some kind of underground brainwashing program? That’s the only thing that makes any sense.

So in effort to combat the consumerism that has become the holiday season, this year, we’ve decided to implement our yearly tradition a little bit early and come up with four ways that we can raise money to help support the families that use the Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room programs. RMHC, as most of you probably know, provides a place for families to stay while their children are being treated in nearby hospitals. As a mom, it’s a program that I’m thrilled to be supporting!


1. We baked cookies

How to Give Back

And we didn’t eat all the dough! Yay us! The boys and I thought it would be a great idea to have a bake sale as one of our ways to give back, so we set up a mini-version at the end of our driveway and sold cookies and lemonade to our friends in the neighborhood. I’m going to be super transparent here and admit that I may have eaten about $2 of potential profit…


2. We collected spare change

I’m glad I didn’t know about the millions of dollars in loose change laying around our house before this, because I may have been tempted to keep some of it for myself! The boys and I went on a Pirate scavenger hunt to find all the treasure hiding around our home and it turned out to be kind of a big chunk of change!

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3. We did chores

I don’t pay for regular “I’m a part of this family so I’m obligated to contribute” chores, but when my kiddos go above and beyond, I’m more than happy to fork over some dough. As a family (and believe me this took some convincing) we designated one weekend where the proceed of all “big chores” would go towards benefiting our friends at RMHC. My kids were hesitant and first, but once we started talking about the good things their chore money would help the people at RMHC do, they were totally on board.

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4. We juggled


I thought I was totally pulling a fast one on my husband when I asked him if his company would pay $1 for every juggle I completed – because there was a time in my life when I was a proficient adequate not terrible juggler. Turns out I lost that skill somewhere around the time when I learned how to change a diaper, so I didn’t earn quite as much money as I had hoped… But hey, every little bit helps!

We came up with four ways, but would love to hear your ideas for helping to raise money for #RMHC! Leave them in the comments below!