After nearly five years, two children, one degree, three jobs and an innumerable amount of help – we are about to move into our dream home. Exciting? Yes. Exhilarating? Yes. Exhausting? Is there a word that’s more than yes? Yes squared? Yes to the infinity power?


Somehow during all the years of pining for this new house, the actual physical labor that goes into moving escaped me. I’m not really sure what I thought was going to happen – perhaps that my children would not become obsessed with unpacking each and every sealed box or that maybe tiny moving fairies would magically appear during the night, to slowly sift through my cabinets, discarding unused and potentially expired products?

Whatever my thought process was, it was not one that set me up for success as I now sift through the mire of used cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. However, this is a time for positive thinking! A time for appreciating the memories we made here and moving forward into a new phase of life! It is time for wine! And coffee! And taking a break to write a blog post listing things from my stream of consciousness during this slightly stressful, but overwhelmingly exciting time!

Deep Thoughts from a Move… by Kelly Bandas

  1. Do you think the kids will care if I throw away all their artwork?
  2. Do I have to clean anymore if we’re just moving out in a week anyway?
  3. Why do we have so many plates? There are only four of us!
  4. When can I pack the silverware? Everyone’s cool with eating with their fingers from now on, right?
  5. Can the Super Nintendo get “lost” in the move?
  6. What exactly is the line between Goodwill and trash?
  7. Can our cat Paul live with the new tenants? He has expressed concern about leaving his ‘hood and I would hate to upset him.
  8. Where are the wine glasses? Did I pack the wine glasses? I’m going out to buy disposable wine glasses!
  9. If something has cobwebs on it, it’s trash right?
  10. Do I label baby stuff “attic” or Goodwill? Too big of a decision for right now. I’ll go with “clothes”.
  11. Why are there so many plates???
  12. When do I pack the plastic spoons the boys use as swords? Now? Can I pack them now? What about now? When you say pack, do you mean “burn”?
  13. Is it appropriate for me to just throw away everything and start over when we get there?
  14. What does our new house even look like… Did it have a garbage disposal? Oh man, I hope there was a garbage disposal…
  15. We have six brooms. And there are still so many crumbs. Something is not adding up.
  16. I need more tape.
  17. I’m just going to stop bubble wrapping stuff and hope it breaks so I can buy new stuff.
  18. What if we don’t eat all the food before we move?
  19. We are so lucky to be able to move into a house that we love and begin making new memories with our beautiful boys!!!!!!!! This is going to be such a special time.