How to decorate a small, shared boy's room

Okay, so the rule is, I have to tell you guys when I’ve been gifted something to help with decorating a shared kids room or when there are shopable links in my posts. So this is me telling you.

Last week I wrote about my tips for transitioning your kiddos from the luxury of their own individual bedrooms, to the hard-knocks of a shared space. Because motherhood is nothing if it’s not throwing your weight around a little bit to force your kids to cultivate a life-long bond, as a result of sleeping six inches from each other.

boys room decor neutral

Speaking of 6″ (That’s what she said), lots of you reached out to say that you’d love for your kiddos to share a room, but you just don’t have a room large enough for two kids to occupy it without feeling like they are on top of each other.

And I’ll admit, I before we combined rooms, I felt that exact same way about decorating a shared boy bedroom that was on the small side.

I wasn’t sure how our two rough and tumble little boys were going to exists in a shared space without breaking something, or each other. And the lamp. Oh God, the lamp. I was certain they would break their shared reading lamp. So certain, in fact that I bought the squattiest lamp you’ve ever seen, in the hopes that its low center of gravity would give it a fighting chance.

cozy bedroom reading corner for kids

What’d I tell you? Squatty.

But low and behold, after over a year of sharing a room, the squatty lamp lives on and our boys’ small living space is cozier and more efficient than ever before.

Here’s a few ways we maximized and had fun decorating a shared boy bedroom that is decided low on elbow-room:

A Reading Corner

shared boys bedroom reading corner

There really isn’t room for a rocking chair or anything fancy-schmancy like that, so we repurposed a bean bag our oldest was given for his first birthday to create a little reading nook between the edge of their bunk beds and book shelf.

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Minimal (but adorable) Wall Art

To create the illusion of more space, we opted for these cute double-sided wall hangings that don’t overwhelm the room. I love these prints from Flipside Prints because they required ZERO tools (they use a magnetic strip instead!) and can be swapped in and out to give the room a fresh feel without any hassle.

baseball wall prints for kids

wall art for boys room

DIY boys room decor

Sneaky Storage

Because of our small space, a two dressers aren’t really an option in this shared kids room. And because I think hangers were invented by men to make women’s lives a living hell, hanging things in our boys’ closet was also not an option. So when we started searching for bunk beds, I wanted to make sure they had some sort of built-in storage component to them.

bunk bed with drawers

Of course two drawers isn’t quite enough space for all their clothes, so we opted to use this storage for toys and dress up.

Their clothes are stored in a giant Tupperwear towers in their closet.

We fancy.

How to decorate a shared kids room for boys

Toys that allow for imaginative play (and match our bedding!)

I love the combination of the throwback over-the-door basketball hoop and car rug for our boys’ room. They are both perfect for a small space and let our boys use their imaginations and dare I say, not make a ginormous mess.

Also, aren’t those little robots super awesome? My sister-in-law painted them for us when I was pregnant with out oldest. They rule.

kids over the door basketball hoop

boys room car rug

Our boys’ shared room may not be the biggest or the most glamorous space, but it has become a place where our boys can play, grow and make memories – and with them both in the same room, that means I only have to close one door to hide a mess when company comes over.

And that’s a win in my book.