How to prepare for back to school

This post, “Boy Mom Back to School Prep Must Haves” may contain some affiliate links, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Week one of Back-to-School is in the books. To be totally transparent, we actually only had 1.5 days of school, but to ALSO be totally transparent, I’ll tell you I still feel like I was recently run over by an 18-wheeler.

Is anyone else completely and totally emotionally drained after the first few days of school? I should also mention that we had some HUGE family news shared with us last week (more on that here…) so it’s possible that I have been intermittently crying for the past 72 hours.

It got me thinking that I should’ve preemptively packed myself a Mother of Boys Back-to-School week survival pack long before we launched, headlong and unprepared into this total whirlwind of chaos. It should’ve been stocked and stored under my bed, ready to whip out when the first tear crested the top of my cheek.

So this time next year, I’ll be ready with a Back-to-School “Go Bag” full of…

Meal Plans

I am forever grateful for online grocery shopping, otherwise I would’ve been that mom who neglected to send sustenance for her first grader’s first day of school.

Somehow I totally forgot the whole “Oh crap, we’re out of food, let’s just run out and grab lunch” thing doesn’t fly during the school year when you have to pack lunches for everyone. Next year, I’ll be ready with a shopping list of easy-to-prep dinners and school lunches. Maybe I’ll even get crazy and portion out things a few days beforehand! Nah, I’m not gonna do that. But the list thing – I’m gonna remember that. And appropriate containers. I’m going to try and remember not to forget those.


Clothing Plans

After we settle into a routine, the getting dressed thing becomes less and less stressful, but after spending the last two months wearing our jammies until 10am, getting myself and two little ones dressed and out the door by 8am can be about as enjoyable as 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

What I would really like is Cher’s wardrobe system from Clueless, but because I’m 99% sure that isn’t a real thing, or that you have to be Lisa Vanderpump to own something that uber-classy, I think a simple system of have a week’s worth of outfits planned out would be a huge timesaver.

Because as adorable as our first-day outfits were, I feel like maybe we could’ve achieved these looks in less than 100 hours.

(Quick sidebar: I’ve added a new page where you can check out and shop some of our favorite outfits! If you hate the way we dress and don’t want to click that link, that’s okay too!!)

 Crisis Plans

Okay, so thankfully we did not have a crisis during our first week of school. The closest we came was almost missing the bus. Hardly a reason to sound the DCS alarm. However, it got me thinking that should a real-life “oh crap” moment rear its ugly head – I should have some systems in place. Such as:

Alerting my designated emergency contacts that they are in fact the emergency contact for my kids. I’ve been writing their names on forms for years, but I don’t know that we’ve ever discussed it…

Learning my office number, so that I can be reached during the days that I work. Why I’ve not done this yet – I couldn’t tell you. I blame Sprint.

Investing in more than one car/booster seat for each of my kiddos. After at least three dozen incidents where one parent drives away with two seats and no children, you’d think we would’ve learned our lesson.

It would be so great if this “Go Bag” could be a real thing. If I would jump off my keister right now and get it all set up for next year at this time. But it’s Sunday and I don’t know about you, but I need to save all my strength.

Because we have school in the morning.