Becoming an adoptive family when you already have biological kids

Today marks one year. One year since beginning our journey to become an adoptive family. One year since we said “Yes.” to trading in our sensible family sedan for a even sensible-r family SUV. One year since we decided to do a thing that would require more patience and relinquishing of control that we’ve experienced since we started our family six years ago.

Many of you have kindly asked for updates and I could not be more thankful for your interest, prayers and overt voyeurism. (No judgement here. We all do it!) So here is the update you’ve all been waiting for…

Becoming an Adoptive Family

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There is no update.

Well, not one that I’m comfortable sharing on the world wide web anyway. There have been some developments, some changes if you will, but nothing is set in stone yet. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this whole “let’s adopt a person” adventure, it’s don’t count your chickens (or in this case, children) before they hatch.

So we’re still sitting here in this place. Knowing there is a kiddo out there, who belongs in our family. A  third little Bandas boy (…or girl! You thought I slipped there for a second, didn’t you!) waiting to join our motley crew. And in this waiting we are trying to be thankful and prayerful and quite frankly, not let ourselves get too attached to something that might not be.

It could be kind of a crummy spot. But here in this waiting, there is so much to learn. So may ways for our family to grow closer and stronger. So many ways for me to lose my temper and fly off the handle and then let my calm and sensible husband bring me back down to earth, because what’s one more background check if it means getting one step closer to bringing our little guy (or girl!) home?

It could be a few more months or I could refresh my email inbox right…NOW and find out that our lives have been forever changed. It’s exciting, but at the same time, totally destroying my current data plan. And I’m 100% certain that my iPhone is very tired of telling me that my inbox was “updated just now”.

So if next time you see me, I’m compulsively checking my phone, now you’ll know why. I’m just waiting for the email that will change our lives forever.

And possibly checking Instagram.