Almond Joys and the Perfect Halloween

Halloween was awesome. Despite the rain. Despite the subsequent stomach flu and pink eye. Despite the fact that I did not get one single Almond Joy. And despite the iron-willed face paint that still somehow has a death grip on my face.

It was awesome.

We kicked off the evening’s festivities with a block party in our new neighborhood. The neighbors were friendly, the cider was spiked and the kids had a fabulous (albeit slightly soggy) time romping around in their costumes. However, because my threshold for standing around in the rain is pretty much absolute zero, after we’d eaten our fill of pumpkin cake balls and Mexican-inspired dips, we headed home to dry out and let the little ones play.

Back at the house, the kiddos slipped out of their costumes and the adults gabbed and sipped red wine. As the night wore on, the now heavy-lidded grownups toyed around with the idea of skipping Trick-or-Treating. Well, it IS raining and they’re still so young; they’ve probably forgotten all about it. Let’s just see if they ask. I’m sure they won’t.

They did.

So at 7pm, 5 adults, two preschoolers, one toddler and a cat, headed out into the night to collect loot – and we all loved every second of it. From the shrieks and giggles of Archie whenever he yelled “BOO!” at no one in particular, to Oliver declaring to a kindly candy dispenser that he was  going to “dig right in” because he was a “Halloween champion”, the night lived up to every bit of its potential.

By the end of the night, Oliver and Magnolia (his much-adored cousin), were running up to doorsteps on their own and navigating their way through the required “Trick-or-Treat” discourse like two seasoned pros. Archie was eager to get in on the game and demanded that someone help him ambulate him close enough to pick out his own candy.

There are moments when mothering is really, really hard. There are moments that make you want to pull your hair out, slam the door and run away as fast as your legs will carry you. And then there are really perfect moments, when time stands still and everything is as it should be.

And this was one of those moments.


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