5 Mommy Makeup Must-Haves to Fit your Holiday Budget

Christmas is coming, but you knew that. You’ve known it since before Halloween. Because since before Halloween, you’ve been depriving yourself, like the magnanimous mama that you are, of buying anything nice for yourself. Because Christmas is coming! And you need to spend all your dough on gifts for your kids/husband/friends/teachers/neighbors/etc.

So you go without. You add a splash of water to your favorite body wash. You walk around with holes in three-season-ago knee-socks. Or maybe even (gasp!) skimp on the Jamba Juices for a little while.

Now of course, I understand that keeping ourselves from these creature comforts is a far-cry from actual deprivation. I get that; I do. But just for today, just for fun, let’s live a little. And I’ll virtually gift you a few of my favorite cheap-o-rama Mommy Must-Haves, that you can purchase for yourself, guilt-free during this merry, merry holiday season.

1. e.l.f Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

After pulling back-to-back, late-night wrapping sessions, bookended by early-morning scrambles to move your Elf on a Shelf or Little Christmas Angel, having a fail-safe under-eye concealer is a must. This $3 gem from e.l.f, not only covers the darkest circles your sleep-deprived blood vessels can kick up, it might also be magical, because I’ve been cruising on a single tube for going on three months.

2. CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Bronzer

It’s December and I don’t know about you, but my summertime radiance is long gone. Like so, very, very long gone. This $8 jar of loose, glittery powder gives my now chalky-looking mug some hope until the sun stay out and play past 4:15 again. The downside? It spills. Everywhere. So, unless you also want your bathroom countertop to have a rosy, sun-kissed glow, please use with caution.

3. Aveeno Positively Radient Tinted Moisturizer

Even if you can’t bring yourself to spend a nickel on anything else, make sure you spring for this $14 moisturizer. It’s light, smooth and covers all manner of sins. Hell, it even has SPF 30 in it, so you can feel all grown-up and smug about your ever-so-mature decision to take care of your skin.

4. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

At $18, this mascara might cause your budget-alarm to go off slightly, but I assure you that when you have nary a smudge on your cheek after a full day of work, but can still easily rinse off your eye makeup with warm water, you’ll be very glad you spent every one of those 1,800 pennies.

5. Up & Up Pulsating Toothbrush

Okay, so this isn’t technically a beauty tip, but these “electric” toothbrushes from Target are only $3-ish bucks a pop and my teeth haven’t seemed this squeaky, slick since the day after the sadist orthodontist freed my teeth from their metallic cages. They are most definitely worth the cash, but more importantly, they come in a two-pack, so you’ll be off toothbrush buying duty, until well into the new year.

So now, armed with some budget-friendly beauty options, go – go and treat yourself. Absolve yourself  of all monetary responsibilities for an afternoon and play Santa – for yourself. Because, if you can’t do it at Christmas, when can you?

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