Some of these items were gifted to me (all or in part) as a thank you for inclusion in this post. All opinions are mine. 

Every now and then I start to feel kind of helpless.

Like when the president comes to town and I’d like to give him an earful, but there’s nothing I can do.

Or when I want to reach across the ocean and pull our little one to my chest, but I can’t reach nearly that far.

Or when, well, I think you get the idea.

In order to combat these surging feelings of impotency, I’ve found it helps to take a baby step. It might not feel like much at first, but string a few of those bad boys together and you’ve got yourself a few feet ahead, looking at the world with a whole different perspective.

If you’re itching to take a baby step too, here are a few of my favorites ways to get moving:

I Walk for Water

Raising children who are empathetic and socially engaged is a dream of mine. There’s no perfect formula for it, but when I find a tool that makes it just a little bit easier, you better believe I am on board!  The “I Walk for…” series by Lindsay Andrews and Jerry Bennett discusses social justice issues like fair trade, clean water and the Syrian refugee crisis, in an easy-to-understand, child-focused manner that have quickly made them a favorite in our house.

“After a trip to Ethiopia, a ten year old boy showed me what it was like to collect water for his family. Upon returning home, watching my children swim in a neighbor’s swimming pool, I thought that the boy in Ethiopia had never seen as much clean water as my kids were splashing on one another.” – Lindsey Andrews

Books come in both hardbound and e-versions, which make them a super versatile teaching tool! But my favorite part? Each book comes with a set of discussion questions to help facilitate a conversation between you and your little ones about how you can make a change in the world.

The “I Walk for…” series has become so successful, that Lindsay and Jerry are reprinting their first book (and my favorite!), “I Walk for Water”. With only 9 days left in their Kickstarter campaign you can become a backer of their project here. It’s a small way to make a huge difference for the next generation!

Sugs Shoppe

My bad ass friend Tami has a gift. She has the capacity to make something out of nothing. And her somethings, are gorgeous, handmade Activist totes, that make a fierce statement. My new “Equality Tote”, has not only become a wardrobe staple for this spring, but it announces that, we should all stand for for all people – without having to say a word.

When I asked Tami what inspired her to create this killer line of bags, her answer was bold and impassioned:

With  the recent political climate, I began to feel a fire light within me. Wearing my Solidarity Pin daily around my neck, calling and emailing politicians, signing petitions, but it didn’t feel like enough. As the first Muslim Ban was rolled out and immigrants were held at airports across the nation, I knew I needed to do more. Protests erupted across the world with people standing in solidarity with their immigrant brothers and sisters. I wanted to create something, do something to stand in agreement since I could not be physically present at every protest. With that thought in mind, The Solidarity Tote was born; three raised fists in varying shades of gold and brown fabrics sewn as an appliqué on a tote bag made of up-cycled upholstery. Each tote would have a donation to the wonderful work of the ACLU. I imagined people sporting their Solidarity Tote at a local Town Hall, or a march, a piece of me could be present even if I could not physically be present.

“The Equality Tote; a navy tote made of upcycled upholstery with a golden equal sign applique, simple yet strong. – Tami Strzeleki

“…Soon after The Solidarity Tote came to be, news of discriminatory actions against the LGBTQ communities became headline in the news. Being that I have multiple relatives who identify with that community, and that I’ve studied Women and Gender Studies, I felt drawn to fighting for the rights of this vast population.  Enter stage left, The Equality Tote; a navy tote made of upcycled upholstery with a golden equal sign applique, simple yet strong. Soon after The Equality Tote, Mitch McConnell silenced Elizabeth Warren “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” As the quote echoed through social media, and women began owning the words as a battle cry, my obvious move, was to place those words on a tote bag. Introducing Nevertheless, She Persisted Tote.

I have since named my line The Activist Totes. This line gives me the ability to utilize my creative drive to building awareness, exemplifying solidarity, and fundraise for a foundation that works so tirelessly for all of our human rights, the ACLU.”

Tami has graciously extended 15% off on her entire Activist tote line to OohBother readers! Just use the coupon code: ACTIVIST

Noonday Collection

My beautiful friend Blair is a serious Boss Lady. She rocks motherhood, a full-time career and a kick ass, philanthropic side-business with Noonday Collection. Noonday’s mission is to create a flourishing world of connected, empowered women, who are dignified through the work that they do.

Blair is wearing the Heritage Necklace handmade with love by Elilta Women at Risk – one of Noonday’s artisan partners in Ethiopia. It is a program that takes women out of prostitution and teaches them life skills while providing them with medical care and shelter for their children.

Noonday is working to empower women and children in 12 countries, with 28 different artisan partners. Those involved in their programs create beautiful, handmade jewelry, that Noonday Ambassadors share with their communities through trunk shows all over the United States.

Having traveled to Ethiopia before becoming a mama, Blair’s heart was specifically drawn to the work being done through the Awassa Children’s Project. She is so grateful that Noonday has afforded her the opportunity to stay connected to her heart in Ethiopia, even though she is an ocean way. For more information on Noonday, or to get involved, go here.

Mama Said Tees

I am absolutely in love with my #Human t-shirt from Mama Said Tees. Their campaign to celebrate the differences that make each of us uniquely who we are while uniting our common bond of humanity, is something that should light a fire under all of us. Best of all, for every social media share that includes the hashtag #msthuman, Mama Said Tees will donate $1 to the  Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Want to be a part of the campaign? You can get your free printable here!

These are just a few “baby steps” that we can all take, to get ourselves moving in the right direction. Do you have another step in mind? Share it in the comments below! The more the merrier!