Make your family's morning routine easier

I know that it’s summer vacation and mornings should be a breeze, but for some reason I’m still waking up with that same, holy-crap-it’s-already-morning-now-what? vibe that I wake up with during the school year. Most days, we’re not in a rush to get anywhere, but the demands of motherhood often send me into a tizzy of making breakfast like an mad woman (and trust me with slightly frizzy, extremely purple hair, I literally look like a crazed witch in the morning) and rushing my children into their play clothes, as if Maria Von Trapp was about to show up and tsk-tsk us for not being ready for our morning outing. And it has be thinking, shouldn’t there be a way to make mornings easier?

So I’ve come up with a 3-part plan to help make our morning routine more summer friendly…

1. Read the Paper (or the Bible or the back of a cereal box, just read something)

I am very fortunate to have a mom who is loving, kind and generous (Mom! Hi! Are you reading this Mom???) And one who gifted me with a subscription to our local newspaper. So now every morning, one of my boys scampers out into the yard to collect our daily paper and while I read the hard-hitting news of the day, they take turns reading the Funnies with Silly Puddy in hand.

Slowing down to read, no matter what I choose to delve into (some days I work on my bible study during this time, others I stick to reading purely the FOOD section of the paper) helps me take a pause before launching into the day. There’s something about holding a book or newspaper in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other that feels so natural and calming.

2. Wear Clothes That Fit

Inspired by my dear friend Lenae (If you don’t watch her Vlogs on YouTube, you need to check them out.) I’m going to be super transparent with you guys and let you know that I’ve probably put on about 10lbs, since my toddler chasing days. I’ve come to the sound conclusion that my scale is in fact not broken, nor is my bathroom floor “kind of tilty” so the scale can’t get a good reading – I’ve just gained some weight. Boom. Done.

Part of my frustration some mornings was trying to put on shorts from years ago, that just didn’t feel comfortable anymore. Now, I’m still a very healthy, active person – I’m just not 135lbs. And (on most days) I’m cool with that. But it was not fair to put myself through the semi-torture of trying on clothes that didn’t fit well every single morning. So I was incredibly glad to get some new, cute and appropriately-sized outfits from PinkBlush to round out my summer wardrobe.

Office ready looks for summer

How to style a long summer dress

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that this dress is completely #BoyMom approved!

The BEST shade of lavender for your hair

Easy summer braids

Because who doesn’t stand in front of their mantel drinking coffee?

3. Prepare Coffee the Night Before

Before we had kids, my husband and I used to make fun of this awful McDonald’s commercial, where this disheveled dude acted like a complete A-hole to everyone in his path, until a smiling McDonald’s staff member offered him a cup of coffee. It was so utterly ridiculous, we could never imagine any human being acting this way.

Then we had kids.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am less-than-delightful in the morning, until I’ve had at least 8 or 9 sips of coffee. So it might go without saying that the ten minutes our coffee pot takes to percolate may or may not be a little dicey around our house. Which is why we’ve started using the timer function (WHAT!?!? I know, your mind is blown) to have our coffee ready and waiting for us when we wake up! Somedays we misjudge our waking time by 30 or 40 minutes and then wake up to slightly cold Cups of Joe, but who cares!? That’s what microwaves are for!

Tips for Simplifying Your Morning Routine!

What are your tips for keeping your summer mornings running smoothly? Leave them in the comments below because our coffee maker is on it’s last legs, so I’m going to need a new #3 any day now!