Nashville Fall Activities

We were gifted free admission to The Glow Nashville, but all thoughts and opinions on each of these Nashville Fall activities are my own!

Brace yourselves Nashville friends, I hear the thermostat is about to dip below 70 this week and we all know what that means…

Tall boots! And scarves! And long sweaters! And down parkas! And all the Nashville Fall activities you can stomach!

You northerners laugh (I once did), but I would bet my next paycheck that I will see a Vandy co-ed in a knee-length Northface jacket this week.

Mark my words.

Fun Nashville Fall Activities

Jokes about inappropriate attire aside, a drop in temperature definitely triggers an alarm in my brain that says, “It’s is okay to do all the Halloween things now!!!” I have been holding off because, I jumped the gun and bought pumpkins a little early this year and, thanks to the 80 degree heat, they all promptly rotted on my front stoop.

Thankfully, as things have cooled off we’ve finally been able to start dipping our toes into some of the best Nashville fall activities.

Walden Farm

I’m going to be honest. Corn mazes stress me out. It is for this reason, that Walden Farm is my new favorite kid-friendly farm this fall. Don’t worry Gentry’s Farm, we are not turning our backs on your glorious fall serenity, it’s just that with two kids and only one mom, it is possible that I may have a stroke trying to get them out of the corn maze before you close.

While less nostalgic than Gentry’s, Walden’s offers face-painting, sand-art, hayrides, animals and a hay bale maze, appropriately sized so that moms can see over it. YES. THANK YOU.

They also don’t yell at you when your kids problem solve like this:


Love Christmas lights, but hate all the pesky waiting-for-December nonsense? Then GLOW will definitely be your jam. We drove out to The Fontanel over the weekend to experience the bajillion hand-carved pumpkins and, well – I’ll just say none of us left without a huge jack-o-latern style smile on our face. You definitely have to watch until the end to catch my boys’ reviews…

One thing I really loved about GLOW was that it was 99% not-scary. Most of the displays centered around kid-friendly themes and other than a few punny tombstones (Here lies Myra Maines – classic), there was zero gore to be found. The trail felt like it was about a 1/2 mile long, so definitely plan for a stroller or baby carrier, if you’re heading out with little ones.

Driving the Natchez Trace

If you’ve never driven on the Natchez Trace Highway while the autumn leaves burn in all their glory, you haven’t lived. And I say that as a girl who grew up leaf peeping in New England. Since before we had children, this has been a yearly tradition for our little family and now that both our kiddos are old enough to get of the car and hike a few of the trails, it’s even more fun.

Most trails are easy enough for little ones to traverse with minimal complaining and if you really get your steps in, then you need not feel the slightest bit of guilt when you stop by The Loveless Cafe for biscuits and fried okra afterwards!

Need more ideas for kid-friendly, fall activities in Nashville? Cool. Me too. Maybe we should start a support group. Because I cannot spend the rest of autumn doing this, or it’s bye-bye top button of my jeans.